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The Story


Re: Hi, From Aaron

Hi, I'm Aaron Saari. In a past life, I graduated from West Point and was an officer in the Army. 

I started This Is Growth a few years go to help small businesses grow by leveraging today's innovative technology to automate operations and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. 

We've worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. Industries have included tech startups, hospitality, retail, blogs, and many others. Some have a single employee and some have hundreds of employees. 

Regardless of size or industry, we focus on transparency and results while trying to add the maximum value for the lowest price. 

Learn more about the way I think in the video. 

- Aaron

What We Do

We're a growth agency focused on startups and small businesses.

For marketing, our primary expertise lies in Facebook Ads. But we also build entire websites, brands, sales funnels, and e-commerce sites from scratch. We've sold out concerts for less than $300 and helped a non-profit get a 4x ROI on ad spend. 

For operations, we automate, simplify, and improve processes to help you cut costs and increase efficiency. We've saved clients over $5,000 per month through simple implementations. 

We pride ourselves on creating unique and innovative solutions for businesses many sizes in a diverse set of industries. 

We have designed our services so businesses of all sizes are able to tap into the immense power of today's technology.

Notable Accomplishments


Cut the time between receiving a product and publishing to the online store by 92% by designing and building custom apps paired with simple human intelligence tasks. Then cut the cost of the human tasks by 83% by hiring and training an assistant in the Philippines.

Facebook Ads

Designed brand awareness campaigns for various clients where over 70% of audiences watched 100% of the brand videos which generated ad recalls over 24%. Designed campaigns with over 400% ROI in as little as 48 hours. 

Digital Audit & Overhaul

Audited the entire internal and customer-facing digital infrastructure of a 150-employee company and produced a prioritized 12-month product roadmap in order to increase operational efficiency and increase inbound sales. 

$1 Marketing Strategy - 1-on-1 Call